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She sat on the church pew, her head resting on her hands. Her dark hair was loose and matted, the dress she wore stained. Voices muttered around her, though there were very few people in the church. 
"Miss Catherine?" A low voice called out, echoing throughout the building. The girl lifted her head slowly, as if the effort was nearly too much. Her hazel eyes looked for the source that had spoken her name, finally locking on a young man. 
"Hello, William," she addressed him as she recognized the tall man. Feeling a tear escape her eye, she quickly wiped it away. 
"Is anything wrong, if you don't mind me asking?" He questioned, sliding into the wooden pew beside her. 
"My mother died today," she replied, her tired gaze switching from William towards the front of the church. "Fever finally took her."
William nodded slowly. "She'll be in a better place than this," he said in an attempt to comfort her. 
"I want her here, William," she muttered, turning to face him. "Does that make me selfish?"
William leaned back, wrapping his arm around her as she leaned it to him. 
"Not at all, Miss Catherine." He replied as she, overcome with grief and lack of sleep, fell asleep. 
More of a teaser/sneak peek than an actual story.. But.. Here you go regardless :)
WindPetals98 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
more!! MORE!
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